All You Need to Know About Easements and Rights of Way in Texas

An easement is a legal agreement where a landowner grants permission to someone else to use his or her land. A person or an organization may get legal permission to use part of the landowner’s property for a specific purpose. The land on which an easement is granted is called the ‘servient estate,’ and the […]

Your Guide to Land Use and Property Zoning in Texas

When it comes to land use and property zoning, there is a lot to consider. This can be especially hard if you’re unaware of the processes that go into zoning. Luckily, we’ve put together this handy guide to land use and property zoning in Texas; read on for more information on what property zoning entails, […]

Land-Rights Acquisition and Management in Texas

Land-rights acquisition is when one or more parcels of land or permission to use a portion of land are acquired from property owner(s) for roadway and/or utility purposes. Examples are the widening of a road, or for the placement of water, sewer, power, and telecommunication lines.  What Is a Right-Of-Way? Right-of-way is the right to […]

What is an Easement?

Owning real estate dramatically expands your property rights compared to renting or leasing. Still, owners can’t do whatever they want with their property, and easements are one reason why. We will outline what easements are, how they work and how they can limit or expand your property rights. Easement Definition and Examples An easement gives […]

Can Zoning Be Changed?

What if you own a really nice piece of land, but the use you have in mind for it—a house, a store, or a small farm, perhaps—could be prohibited by its zoning? Don’t give up on your dreams for the land just yet. You might be able to obtain either a zoning variance or a […]

Making Cement More Sustainable

As we know the construction industry makes up a large portion of consumers of unrenewable energy. Reducing the environmental impact created by the production of these building materials continues to be an important research topic. This new form of lightweight cement introduces a composite that incorporates limestone dust and charcoal. The charcoal has not only […]