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Our experienced team brings together a comprehensive set of skills and perspectives
that ensure delivery of your project goals, ontime and within budget.

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Our mission is simple:

To keep our clients out of eminent domain.

Whitman Land Group, LLC is a full-service right-of-way and land rights consulting firm focusing on the placement and relocation of utilities. Our clients include utility providers for electricity, water and wastewater, gas, and telecommunications, including municipalities, utility districts, national telecommunications providers, and land developers.

Our experienced team brings together a comprehensive set of skills and perspectives to ensure the delivery of any project, large or small, on time and within budget. We give immediate attention to the entire corridor of a project to quickly establish feasibility, identify challenges and mitigate obstacles to deliver timely results while avoiding costly legal actions.

The acquisition processes developed and practiced by Whitman Land Group are proven and unique to the utility sector. We have successfully acquired more than 5,000 easements and other forms of land rights and land use permissions in the State of Texas.

Experience the difference our team can bring to your operation. Whitman Land Group, LLC will exceed your expectations.

Matthew Whitman
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Why Choose Us?

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of Land Rights

With the incredible growth in our state, existing right of ways and land rights held by utility providers and the facilities that occupy them are under constant threat of being diminished or lost altogether by encroachments, road widening and improvements, and new development projects. Existing land rights are of incredible value to utility providers, and must be protected in a proactive manner. We assist our clients daily in identifying these threats, evaluating the possible impact to their land rights and facilities, and successfully resolving related conflicts.

Flat Rate
Per Parcel Fees

Our fees are based on results, not hours billed. We have developed a flat-rate per parcel fee structure that is all inclusive for land use permissions. This allows our clients to accurately budget for land rights and protects against run-away acquisition costs. Our clients have found extraordinary benefit to a flat rate per parcel fee structure, especially in challenging negotiations.

Professional Negotiators

We view the expansion of infrastructure as a partnership between landowners and our clients. Every member of our front-facing team is an experienced negotiator with an excellent history of establishing a lasting, positive impression between the parties that encourages cooperation. We dig deep to understand the motivations and possible objections of the parties, then offer solutions that are unique to each individual property and set of circumstances. We will never approach our clients with a problem for which we do not offer a possible solution.

Project Management

The acquisition and management of land rights often requires the resources of complementary disciplines. We have developed a strategic statewide network of title companies, abstractors, land surveyors, appraisers, environmental experts, engineers, and attorneys. We can leverage these resources as needed to provide all-inclusive, turn-key land rights support based on the individual needs of our clients.

Our Services

Land Use Permissions

Easements, Releases, Encroachments, License Agreements, Conflict Resolution Agreements. Permits and Right-of-Entry agreements

Title Research

In-house title research and abstracting and relationships with title companies statewide.

Land Purchase

Any type of use where fee simple title is necessary, including roadways, fee strips, lift stations, water plant sites, and well sites.

Land Survey

Easement plats and descriptions, boundary staking, identification of existing facilities, and other land surveying tasks. Offered through our professional partnerships with land surveyors throughout the state.

Cost Estimation

Route analysis and accurate pre-project estimates of parcels impacted, potential damages, and acquisition fees.


Valuation of land and certain land rights by appraisers licensed by the State of Texas and familiar with the subject matter. Offered through our professional partnerships with appraisers throughout the State.


GIS project tracking, land-rights mapping, digital terrain modeling, topographic field data, UAV-mounted LiDAR, and Orthometric images.


In-house Telecommunications OSP engineering design, corridor analysis, plan and profile, customer prem site evaluation, conflict analysis

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