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Client focused, results driven to ensure the path of least resistance.

The team at Whitman Land Group represents a culmination of years of industry experience in Real Estate and Right-of-Way related disciplines. Our foundations begin in residential land development and home building in the late 1990s and have evolved into the modern company we are today. Our close-knit group of experts has evolved to deliver “Land Rights for Infrastructure” and a desire to do things differently from other firms in the business.

Throughout our years, we have recognized the common methods used to obtain land rights are often adversarial and leave a negative perception with landowners and customers. We feel there is an over dependence on the use of eminent domain. In our experience, parties respond better when they engage in productive conversations as partners in growth. In many cases our clients are seeking land rights from the very customers they serve. While the use of eminent domain is occasionally necessary, we see this as a last resort to negotiations. Over the years we have developed acquisition processes that are unique to the utilities sector. We are intimately familiar with the needs of utility providers and these methods have been proven effective time and time again.

Our combined expertise includes experience working for utility providers, telecommunications giants, The Texas Department of Transportation, engineering, title companies and developers. Our methods are better. We deliver land rights faster and for less cost than our competitors.

Each member of our team has been carefully chosen to bring specific knowledge and experience to our highly effective organization. Our particular skills allows us to nimbly tackle challenges and deliver timely results.

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